Freeze Dry Resources: Make the best choices for your laboratory

Whether you are looking at purchasing a new freeze dryer or already have a freeze dryer, Labconco has articles that will help you make the best choices for your laboratory. We also offer articles on the freeze dry process if you are unfamiliar with it.

Is the Freeze Dry Process Right for Your Samples?

Unsure of the best way to process your samples? These articles will help understand the benefits of lyophilization and what is required.

Choosing the best freeze dryer for your lab

If you are in the beginning stages of purchasing a lyophilizer and are not sure what freeze dryer to choose, here are some articles that will help:

Applications for freeze dryers

Applications for the freeze dry process are extensive, almost anything can be freeze dried, but some samples turn out different from others. You may get a nice cake, a dry powder, or a gummy sample at the end of the process.

Read through these articles for applications currently being done and helpful hints for the freeze dry process.

Optimizing the freeze dry process

Do you already have a freeze dryer and want to optimize your process? If so, the articles below will help.

Maintaining your freeze dryer

Once you’ve run the freeze dryer, the following articles will help you maintain the unit for years to come.

Still have questions?

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