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Custom Designs

Not finding what you're looking for? Labconco designs and builds custom lab equipment.


Filter Reminder

Get 10% off filter orders, receive reminder emails that you schedule for as many filters as you need to monitor.


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Fume Hood Configurator

Quickly find the right fume hood and all the components needed to make a complete system.


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GSA Contracts Section

Eligible U.S. Government organizations can benefit from our GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract pricing.


Request Chemical Assessment

We'll determine if a filtered, ductless enclosure is right for your application and give you a Chemical Assessment Report.


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Scout™ Lab Equipment Selector

Let Scout lead you to the right laboratory hood or evaporation equipment for your application.


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Lab Design Projects

Whether you’re renovating an existing laboratory or starting from the ground up, we want to help.


Pittcon 2016 Short Courses

Find out more about our Pittcon 2016 presence, including information on our short course offerings.


A petabyte for your thoughts - or memory, that is…

Scientists have discovered that the human memory is much more massive than previously thought. The memory range for a human is now believed to be over a petabyte in size, which rivals the size of the entire World Wide Web!

Just say 'No' to...cheese?

If you regularly find yourself hovering around the cheese board at the Christmas dinner table, helping yourself to seconds or thirds, there may be a scientific explanation as to why you’re unable to tear yourself away...

SteamScrubber or FlaskScrubber - That is the question...

The most frequently asked question by customers regarding our Glassware Washer line is: "What is the difference between the SteamScrubber and Flaskscrubber? It is a fair question - our two most popular models do look almost identical at first glance...

Let's please welcome Planet Nine...

The ninth planet in our solar system may have been discovered. It has been elusive for decades and still continues to be unseen by the human eye, but its gravitational effects are providing us a glimpse into its presence...

The CApture BT Fuming Chamber: Designed for the End User

Regardless of industry, there are lots of factors that go into releasing a new product—cost-effectiveness, quality material sourcing and reliable manufacturing capabilities, for example. At the heart of delivering a quality product, though, is considering the needs of the end user. If a product checks all the other boxes yet is not convenient and effective for practical use, it is unlikely to succeed...

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