Laboratory Animal Research Stations

These HEPA-filtered vivarium enclosures provide protection from allergens and other particulates during small laboratory animal transfer and bedding disposal operations. 

PuriCare Open Access Station in Use
PuriCare™ Dual Access Laminar Flow Cabinet
PuriCare Dual Sided Biosafety Cabinets

In addition to the transfer of materials, the cabinet may be used for special cage-changing operations.

PuriCare Bedding Disposal Station
PuriCare Bedding Disposal Stations

These enclosures protect the user from airborne particulates generated during small animal cage bedding disposal.

PuriCare Open Access Station
PuriCare Open Access Stations

These HEPA-filtered transfer stations provide user and animal protection. Open access on two sides provides ample workspace for one or two operators.

PuriCare Procedure Station
PuriCare Procedure Stations

These specialized Class II biological safety cabinets provide user, animal and environmental protection during small animal activities.

PuriCare Vertical Flow Station
PuriCare Vertical Flow Stations

These HEPA-filtered cage changing and animal transfer enclosures protect the user and small animals from airborne particulates.

The PuriCare line of enclosures provides unsurpassed protection and ergonomic benefits for small laboratory animal transfer and bedding disposal operations. These HEPA-filtered enclosures protect the user from exposure to allergens. Large working areas give the user free range of motion.



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PuriCare Laboratory Animal Research Stations Catalog

Contains an overview, features and benefits, ordering information, accessory information and dimensional drawings for PuriCare Open Access Stations, Vertical Flow Stations, Dual Access Laminar Flow Cabinets, Procedure Stations and Bedding Disposal Stations.

View PDF (1.6 MB)

Labconco Capabilities Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of Labconco: our core values, philosophy, our products and our people. It includes photographs of installations of our equipment in laboratories around the United States.

View PDF (6.2 MB)

User's Manuals

PuriCare Dual Sided Biosafety Cabinets User's Manual

For catalog numbers: 3230000, 3230020, 3230001, 3230021 and 386000021151

View PDF (2.0 MB)

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