Kjeldahl, Fat & Crude Fiber Apparatus

Agro-chemistry apparatus include classical macro, micro and rapid Kjeldahl apparatus, Goldfisch Fat Extractors and Crude Fiber Apparatus.

Open Combination Kjeldahl Distillation Digestion Unit
Hooded Combination Kjeldahl Unit
Classical Macro Kjeldahl Apparatus

Open and hooded combination Kjeldahl units have digestion and distillation components for nitrogen determination in one apparatus. Separate digestion and distillation units are also available. 

RapidStill I 6500000 with Flask
Micro Kjeldahl Apparatus

Compact, benchtop Kjeldahl digestors and distillation units process 10 to 30 milliliter samples.

RapidStill II 1000
Rapid Kjeldahl Apparatus

These macro Kjeldahl units are designed for quick, efficient digestion and distillation of samples in 250 ml tubes.

Crude Fiber Apparatus
Crude Fiber Apparatus

This apparatus is used in the determination of crude fiber in feed, food and other agricultural products, and is listed in AOAC methods. 

Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination Digestion and Distillation Apparatus are offered in classical, rapid and micro models. Kjeldahl analysis is frequently used to determine the protein content of agriculture products. Goldfisch Fat Extractors are used to determine the fat and oil content of samples and are listed in AOAC methods. Crude Fiber Apparatus determine the crude fiber content of feed, food and other agriculture products and are AOAC listed.

Below is a brand listing of the Kjeldahl, Fat and Crude Fiber Apparatus available from Labconco. Click on any brand to find out more about it. If you are still unsure which brand is best for your application, use the Advanced Product Search to help you narrow down your choices.


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Aparato de Fibra Cruda

Proporciona beneficios, especificaciones y foto.

View PDF (48.6 KB)

View PDF (48.6 KB)

Digestores Rapidos

Proporciona beneficios y información de pedido para el Rapid Digestor de 4 y 25 plazas, y su pareja RapidStill II.

View PDF (127.8 KB)

View PDF (127.8 KB)

Extractor de Grasa Goldfisch

Proporciona beneficios, especificaciones y foto.

View PDF (52.4 KB)

View PDF (52.4 KB)

Micro Digestor y RapidStill I

Contiene información sobre el Micro Digestor, y su pareja RapidStill I.

View PDF (677.6 KB)

View PDF (677.6 KB)

Unidades Kjeldahl de Digestión y Destilación

Proporciona beneficios e información de pedido para el aparato Kjeldahl clásico.

View PDF (48.8 KB)


A Guide to Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination Methods and Apparatus

Provides a background on Kjeldahl nitrogen determination methods and apparatus. Digestion, distillation and titration are detailed. A glossary of terms is included.

View PDF (206.7 KB)

Classical and Rapid Kjeldahl, Fat and Crude Fiber Apparatus Catalog

Provides specifications and dimensional data on our Classical Kjeldahl units, Micro and Rapid Digestors, RapidStills I and II, Goldfisch Fat Extractors and Crude Fiber Apparatus.

View PDF (9.0 MB)

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