In evidence processing there’s no room for reasonable doubt. Absolute control is everything. That’s why our fuming chambers are designed to be validated. And why they give you the flexibility to rehydrate old prints, fume with microburst and fix with luminescent glue. We also make the only evidence drying cabinets with both stainless steel and UV light to prevent contamination. Labconco is the choice for hundreds of agencies around the world. For 96 years we've designed and built high-quality lab equipment. Need reliable evidence? Choose equipment you can rely on. Don't settle. Make it Labconco.

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Fentanyl Hoods

For drug handling
Keeps user safe from hazardous materials
Single and double filtered models available
Third-party validated containment

UV Evidence Drying Cabinets

For evidence drying such as clothing
Ensures integrity of samples for DNA testing
Benchtop or freestanding design
UV light helps with biological decontamination

PCR Enclosure

For DNA analysis
Ideal for PCR applications
ISO Class 5 conditions
2', 3' and 4' widths

Biosafety Cabinets

or evidence processing
Ideal for DNA analysis and biological materials
Class I and II, Types A, B, and C available
Type 304 stainless steel interior

Portable Fuming Systems

For on scene evidence collection and processing
Fix latent prints using CA fuming
Patented collapsible design
Clear view of evidence during fuming

Fuming Systems

For evidence processing
Automates CA fuming of evidence
Benchtop or freestanding models available
Largest available interior on market

Powder Hoods

For fingerprint processing
Keeps user safe from powders
Open design for large evidence
May be joined together for long workstation

Fume Hoods

For evidence processing
Ideal for toxicology and chemical materials
Benchtop or freestanding designs
Spacious work area

Glassware Washers

For labware washing
Handles more than 5,000 glassware configurations
Freestanding or undercounter designs
Reduce water consumption up to 40%

Water Purification Systems

For efficient and purified lab water
Ideal for general forensic lab support
Wall-mounted or benchtop models available
Type I, III, low TOC or pyrogen-free water

Case study

KBI’s innovative facility required functionality and flexibility for a wide variety of forensic applications in both their lab and instructional spaces. To optimize evidence and personnel protection throughout the building, Labconco consulted on the project with equipment recommendations that maximized safety and efficiency in the new building.


Fuming Factors for Fantastic Fingerprints

See Labconco in Arrowhead Forensics' webinar: Fuming factors for fantastic fingerprints. Join us in this informative webinar to expand your knowledge of fingerprint fixing factors and learn to protect your evidence.

Protect Your Evidence, Protect Yourself

Protect your evidence. Protect yourself. Advanced enclosures for forensic labs webinar. Learn how to provide the greatest protection for you and your evidence with the latest enclosures designed specifically for forensic labs.


The problem with fentanyl: Handling toxic drugs

Tune into the nightly news and you may not be surprised to hear a story about the growing opioid epidemic in the United States. Opioids, which are analgesic drugs with a high liability for abuse, are typically prescribed to treat severe pain.

The CApture BT Fuming Chamber: Designed with you in mind

Regardless of industry, there are lots of factors that go into releasing a new product—cost-effectiveness, quality material sourcing and reliable manufacturing capabilities, but at the heart of delivering quality equipment, though, is considering the needs of the forensic professional.

4 Reasons you shouldn't dry evidence in a fume hood

If you are currently drying evidence in a fume hood, it might be time to consider obtaining an Evidence Drying Cabinet instead. Evidence Drying Cabinets (EDCs) are designed specifically to dry evidence in a secure environment to not only protect the evidence from cross contamination, but to maintain proper chain of custody.

CA fuming & forensics

A fingerprint is an essential piece of information gathered at a crime scene. It can, in fact, be the differentiating factor an investigator will use to ultimately prove guilt or innocence in a case. How fingerprints are captured depends on the type of print: visible prints can be recorded with a photograph, and so can impression prints (if appropriate lighting is used).

How to handle and preserve wet DNA evidence

DNA forensic evidence may be the most powerful tool for convicting the guilty and exonerating the innocent, so handling DNA evidence properly is critical. The integrity of DNA evidence depends on properly processing biological material. There are three main concerns when processing biological evidence for DNA:

Planning a crime lab with multiple evidence drying cabinets

In recent years OSHA (Occupational, Safety and Health Administration) has investigated, reported and fined crime labs for workplace safety issues regarding drying closets and drying rooms. Using evidence drying cabinets to dry wet crime evidence offers many advantages and safety features over simply placing the evidence in drying rooms or closets.

Using genealogy and genetics to solve crime

Forensic science continues to make big strides in technology and methodology. One of the latest advancements is called genetic genealogy. Also known as GG, this process combines traditional historical genealogical research with genetic analysis to study family histories. In forensics, it serves multiple uses, including identifying a victim or a perpetrator.

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