In evidence processing there’s no room for reasonable doubt. Absolute control is everything. That’s why our fuming chambers are designed to be validated. And why they give you the flexibility to rehydrate old prints, fume with microburst and fix with luminescent glue. We also make the only evidence drying cabinets with both stainless steel and UV light to prevent contamination. Labconco is the choice for hundreds of agencies around the world. For 96 years we've designed and built high-quality lab equipment. Need reliable evidence? Choose equipment you can rely on. Don't settle. Make it Labconco.

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Portable Fuming Systems

For on scene evidence collection and processing
Fix latent prints using CA fuming
Patented collapsible design
Clear view of evidence during fuming

Fuming Systems

For evidence processing
Automates CA fuming of evidence
Benchtop or freestanding models available
Largest available interior on market

UV Evidence Drying Cabinets

For evidence drying such as clothing and bedding
Ensures integrity of samples for DNA testing
Benchtop or freestanding design
UV light helps with biological decontamination

Powder Hoods

For fingerprint processing
Keeps user safe from powders
Open design for large evidence
May be joined together for long workstation

Biosafety Cabinets

For evidence processing
Ideal for DNA analysis and biological materials
Class I and II, Types A, B, and C available
Type 304 stainless steel interior

Fume Hoods

For evidence processing
Ideal for toxicology and chemical materials
Benchtop or freestanding designs
Spacious work area

Fentanyl Hoods

For drug handling
Keeps user safe from hazardous materials
Single and double filtered models available
Third-party validated containment

PCR Enclosures

For DNA analysis
Ideal for PCR applications
ISO Class 5 conditions
2', 3' and 4' widths

Glassware Washers

For labware washing
Handles more than 5,000 glassware configurations
Freestanding or undercounter designs
Reduce water consumption up to 40%

Water Purification Systems

For efficient and purified lab water
Ideal for general forensic lab support
Wall-mounted or benchtop models available
Type I, III, low TOC or pyrogen-free water

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