Labconco provides a warranty to the original buyer for the repair or replacement of parts and reasonable labor as a result of normal and proper use of the equipment with compatible chemicals. Broken glassware and maintenance items, such as filters, gaskets, light bulbs, finishes and lubrication are not warranted.

Excluded from warranty are products with improper installation, erratic electrical or utility supply, unauthorized repair, used with incompatible chemicals, or non-factory modifications to the original product.

Warranty for Labconco products will expire one year from date of installation or two years from date of shipment from Labconco, whichever is sooner, except the following. 

  • Axiom® and Logic®+ Biological Safety Cabinets carry a five-year warranty from date of installation or six years from date of shipment
  • PuriCare® Procedure Stations carry a five-year warranty from date of installation or six years from date of shipment 
  • PuriCare® (all other lab animal products) carry a three-year warranty from date of installation or four years from date of shipment
  • SteamScrubber® & FlaskScrubber® Glassware Washers carry a two-year warranty from date of installation or three years from date of shipment
  • Nexus™ Horizontal Clean Benches carry a five-year warranty from date of installation or six years from date of shipment.

Warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the owner (organization) of record. Date of shipment from Labconco is the shipment date of record, and term of warranty is the date that is sooner. 

Buyer is exclusively responsible for the set-up, installation, verification, decontamination or calibration of equipment. This limited warranty covers parts and labor, but not transportation and insurance charges. If the failure is determined to be covered under this warranty, the dealer or Labconco Corporation will authorize repair or replacement of all defective parts to restore the unit to operation. Repairs may be completed by 3rd party service agents approved by Labconco. Labconco reserves the rights to limit this warranty based on a service agent’s travel, working hours, the site’s entry restrictions and unobstructed access to serviceable components of the product.

Under no circumstances shall Labconco Corporation be liable for indirect, consequential, or special damages of any kind. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties whether oral, or implied. 

Warranty on Warehouse Sale Items

Warehouse Sale items are sold “as is.” Warehouse Sale items carry a full standard warranty as outlined above.

Warranty on Limited Time Warehouse Sale Items

Limited Time Warehouse Sale Sale items are sold “as is.” Limited Time Warehouse Sale Sale items have a limited 30-day warranty. The limited warranty policy guarantees the customer money back if not satisfied, but it does not provide a replacement or return.

Returned or Damaged Goods

Do not return goods without the prior authorization from Labconco. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. If your shipment was damaged in transit, you must file a claim directly with the freight carrier. Labconco Corporation and its dealers are not responsible for shipping damages.

The United States Interstate Commerce Commission rules require that claims be filed with the delivery carrier within fifteen (15) days of delivery.

Limitation of Liability

The disposal and/or emission of substances used in connection with this equipment may be governed by various federal, state, or local regulations. All users of this equipment are required to become familiar with any regulations that apply in the user’s area concerning the dumping of waste materials in or upon water, land, or air and to comply with such regulations. Labconco Corporation is held harmless with respect to user’s compliance with such regulations.