Glove Boxes and Gas Purifiers

Labconco offers Filtered, Controlled Atmosphere and Combination Glove Boxes that provide a physical barrier between the user and materials inside.

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Glove Boxes and Gas Purifiers
Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box
Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes

Protector and Precise Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes provide a leak-tight inert environment for work with contamination-sensitive materials.

Filtered Glove Boxes

These ventilated glove boxes feature inlet and outlet HEPA or ULPA filtration for particulate containment and user protection from hazardous materials.

Combination Glove Boxes

Protector Combination Glove Boxes have the capability to function as either a filtered box or controlled atmosphere box.

AtmosPure Re-Gen Gas Purifiers

Compatible with any Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box, the AtmosPure produces an ultrapure inert atmosphere for materials sensitive to moisture and/or oxygen. 

Protector® Glove Boxes are designed for use in controlled atmospheres (dry boxes) or for use with hazardous materials. Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes provide a leak-tight environment for work with contamination-sensitive materials. Protector HEPA/ULPA Filtered Glove Boxes provide HEPA filtration and a physical barrier to protect the user from exposure to potentially dangerous materials. Protector Combination Glove Boxes allow for handling both hazardous substances and atmosphere-sensitive materials. Protector Double Glove Boxes offer twice the working width.

Precise® Glove Boxes provide an economical solution to more sophisticated glove boxes. They have seamless, one-piece molded polyethylene shells that withstand chemicals and are easy to clean. Precise Basic Glove Boxes have a simple design, which allows them to be customized with optional accessories to meet application needs. Precise Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes are designed to create low oxygen or moisture environments. Precise HEPA-Filtered Glove Boxes and XPert Weigh Boxes have inlet and outlet HEPA filters to protect the operator from hazardous airborne particulates and powders.

Below is a listing of glove boxes and accessories available from Labconco. Click on any product to find out more about it. If you are still unsure which glove box is best for your application, use the Advanced Product Search to help you narrow down your choices.

  • Connecting Gas and Vacuum to a Glove Box

    This instructional video shows how to connect gas and vacuum to a Labconco Glove Box with Auto Pressure Controller. Contact Labconco with additional questions not addressed in this video.

  • Labconco Biosafety Cabinet and Glove Box Smoke Test

    Smoke test video demonstrating the airflow in a Purifier Logic Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet as well as Protector HEPA-Filtered Glove Box.

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