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Protector XStream Fume Hood White Paper

This 8-page white paper describes the development of the Labconco Protector XStream High Performance Laboratory Fume Hood.

Protector XStream Hood Third Party Test Results

This AccuTec Services, Inc. report shows that the Protector XStream Hood was tested beyond the SEFA-1† standards. With a face velocity of 40 fpm and sash completely open, the Protector XStream was subjected to 50 fpm cross drafts, NIH† protocol, and tracer gas measurements in the chest of a mannequin. In each scenario, the Protector XStream allowed 0.00 ppm average level of tracer gas outside the fume hood.

Independent testing proves Labconco ULPA filtered glove box contains aerosolized nanomaterials effectively

Labconco Corporation submitted its Protector® Stainless Steel ULPA Filtered Glove Box to an independent source to evaluate its ability to contain aerosolized nanomaterials...

Advances in Ventilated Balance Enclosure Technology Bring Safety Enhancements to the Pharmaceutical Industry

White paper describes the evolution of balance enclosures and discussed the features and cost saving benefits of the XPert line of balance enclosures.

CAG-007-2010 Application Guide for Exhaust System Requirements of Class II, Type B Biosafety Cabinets

This publication by Controlled Environment Testing Association (CETA) provides a comparison of Class II, Type A versus Type B biological safety cabinets, selection criteria, site requirements and other considerations.

Controlling Airflow in Class II Biosafety Cabinets

This white paper reviews the current technologies used by various biosafety cabinet manufacturers to monitor and maintain proper airflows as HEPA filters load.

Fume Hood Safety Infographic

10 fume hood safety tips in an easy infographic.

Go Green! Protector XStream Laboratory Hoods save energy.

Hand Washing Laboratory Glassware Study

Provides the results of a Labconco study to determine the quantity of water used to hand wash laboratory glassware. People often assume that hand washing laboratory glassware is more economical than using an automated machine. This study seeks to disprove that assumption.

Maximizing User Safety Through Human Factors Design

This white paper describes the evolution of ergonomic design in Labconco biological safety cabinets.

New Class II Type C Biosafety Cabinet

Discusses the disadvantages of current Class II, Type A and B biological safety cabinets and how the Type C BSC compares with them. Versatility, safety and savings are addressed. Provided a life cycle cost analysis and compares the Type C to A2, A2 with Canopy, B1 and B2. Authored by David Wasescha, Product Manager at Labconco. 

Paramount White Paper

White paper is titled "Safety, containment, filtration efficiency and energy conservation make the Paramount Ductless Enclosure a viable alternative to a ducted fume hood." Paper discusses the testing conducted on the Paramount Ductless Enclosure that shows carbon filter effectiveness and fume and particulate containment of particulates. Energy efficiency is also addressed.

Perchloric Acid Fume Hood Mechanical Systems

This paper describes fume system design components, safe practices and decontamination procedures related to perchloric acid use.

The Advantages of Using an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) in Biosafety Cabinets

This white paper explains the ECM motor in our Purifier Logic Biological Safety Cabinets and its advantages over PSC motors.