Biosafety Cabinet Certification and Service Courses

Date: Monday, October 07, 2024

Event Details:

DATES: October 7-8, 2024

The purpose of this introductory course is to provide a basic overview of concepts and skills required to test and service Labconco Class II Biosafety Cabinets. The course covers a variety of topics including basic laboratory safety, biosafety cabinet types, a brief introduction to certification techniques, plus servicing techniques for common components of Labconco biosafety cabinets. This course offers a great opportunity to become familiarized with product lines Labconco’s Logic+ and Axiom brands, and pairs well with NSF’s Basic Certification or full accreditation programs.

Successful completion of this course provides participants with 1.5 CE credits. Please contact Labconco’s Product Service department for any questions related to the certifier course.

Biosafety Cabinet Certifier
  • Biosafety Cabinet Basics
  • Certification Overview
  • Primary and Secondary Inflow theory and trouble shooting
  • Downflow theory
  • Filter Scanning
  • NSF Smoke Patterns
  • Common Servicing for Labconco BSCs
  • Electrical Troubleshooting