Dry Ice Secondary Vacuum Trap


  • Applicable Products: Freeze Dryers, RapidVap Vacuum Evaporation System
  • Ice Trap Capacity: 900 ml
  • Inlet/Outlet Connections: 3/4" OD
  • Well Volume: 3.10 liters


  • Weight: 9.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 4.1 kg
  • Dimensions: 9.75" x 7.8" diameter

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Price: $1,285.00

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For processing samples with low eutectic points. Trap connects in series with a freeze dry system or vacuum evaporation system and vacuum pump to prevent contaminants from migrating into the vacuum pump. An insulated well, when dry ice and solvent are added, cools to approximately -75° C (-103° F). When used alone, Dry Ice Secondary Trap may serve as an inexpensive collector. Simply connect a sample directly to the incoming port and add a vacuum pump to the outgoing port. Dry ice and solvent, such as alcohol, are required (not included).

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