Traps and Other Vacuum Pump Accessories

Traps are placed between the pump and the CentriVap Centrifugal Concentrator, RapidVap Evaporation System, FreeZone Freeze Dryer, Precise or Protector Glove Box to protect the pump from solvents removed from the samples. Other items include PrimeMate Oil Changing Systems and accessories, neoprene tubing and tubing accessories.

Traps and Other Vacuum Pump Accessories

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Literature & Resources

  • Brochures

    • FreeZone Freeze Dryers Catalog

      Contains a selection guide, features and benefits, specifications and ordering information on the complete line of FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems, with collector capacities from 2.5 to 18 liters; FreeZone Triad Freeze Dryers; FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers; FreeZone Bulk Tray Dryers; drying accessories; glassware and vacuum pumps.

    • RapidVap Dry Evaporators Catalog

      Provides at-a-glance decision tree, features and benefits, specifications, and evaporation rates of the RapidVap Vertex, RapidVap Vacuum, RapidVap N2 and RapidVap N2/48 Evaporation Systems. Accessories are also described.

    • Precise Glove Boxes Catalog

      Contains specifications, dimensional drawings and ordering information on Labconco's line of Precise Glove Boxes and XPert Weigh Boxes.

  • En Español

    • Sistemas de Evaporación RapidVap

      Proporciona beneficios e información de pedido de los sistemas de evaporación RapidVap.

  • Safety Data Sheets

    • Activated Carbon Radioisotope SDS

      Safety Data Sheet for Activated Carbon Filters used in Paramount Ductless Enclosures, Protector and Precise Glove Boxes, and Trap Inserts for CentriVap Concentrators, RapidVap Evaporation Systems, and Protector and Precise Glove Boxes.

    • Ammonia Impregnated Carbon Filter SDS

      Safety Data Sheet for the Ammonia Impregnated Carbon Filters used in FilterMate Portable Exhausters, Class I & HEPA Filtered Enclosures, XPert Enclosures, Paramount Ductless Enclosures, Fume Adsorbers, Protector Work Stations, and Chemical Trap Inserts for CentriVap Concentrators, RapidVap Evaporation Systems, and Protector and Precise Glove Boxes.

    • Moisture Trap Insert and Solvent Trap Insert SDS

      Safety Data Sheets for desiccant used in 7814900 Moisture Trap Insert and 7815200 Solvent Trap Insert.

    • Replacement Gold Oil (1 Liter) MSDS

    • Sodasorb SDS

      Safety Data Sheet for absorbent used in Acid Trap Insert (7814800) in Chemical Traps for CentriVap Vacuum Concentrators and Soda Acid Trap Cartridge (7772000) used in vacuum pumps.

    • Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil MSDS

      This MSDS applies to Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil 7541300.


      Material safety data sheet for vacuum pump oil used with VACUUBRAND HYBRID pumps

    • Vacuum Pump Oil MSDS

      This MSDS applies to Vacuum Pump Oil 1988000 and 1988001.

  • Declarations of Conformity

    • CE Declaration of Conformity - PrimeMate Oil Change System

      For 73570xx Series PrimeMate Oil Change Systems

    • CE Declaration of Conformity - PrimeMate System Battery Packs

      For 7358901 and 7358902 Battery Packs for use with PrimeMate Oil Change System models 7357030 and 7357035