Nitrogen Blow Down Dry Evaporators

RapidVap N2 and N2/48 Evaporation Systems are multiple-sample evaporators that use a combination of gentle forces — vortex motion and dry heat with nitrogen blow down — to quickly reduce samples to dryness or an end point volume. RapidVap Vertex Dry Evaporators use dry heat and nitrogen blow down to speed evaporation of up to 50 small samples at once. Unlike water bath heaters, dry block heaters require less maintenance, no distilled water or additives, and adds no potential source of contamination.


Nitrogen Blow Down Dry Evaporators

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Literature & Resources

  • Brochures

    • RapidVap Dry Evaporators Catalog

      Provides at-a-glance decision tree, features and benefits, specifications, and evaporation rates of the RapidVap Vertex, RapidVap Vacuum, RapidVap N2 and RapidVap N2/48 Evaporation Systems. Accessories are also described.

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    • Evaporadores secos RapidVap

      Con la línea RapidVap® de Labconco, puede obtener un alto nivel de procesamiento de muestras de la manera más eficiente. Independientemente del volumen, nuestros evaporadores garantizan la obtención eficiente de múltiples muestras sin comprometer la integridad. Con una repetibilidad en la que puede confiar. 

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    • Sistemas de Evaporación RapidVap

      Proporciona beneficios e información de pedido de los sistemas de evaporación RapidVap.

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  • White Papers

    • Diagnostic Preprocessing Method for Hereditary Metabolic Disorders in Newborns

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    • Sample Prep Equipment Resources

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  • Installation Qualification / Operation Qualification

    • RapidVap Vertex Evaporation Systems IQ/OQ Protocol Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification

      This Qualification Protocol is written to assist the end-user in validation of predetermined specifications. The protocol begins with planning the site for the piece of equipment and therefore is of value prior to receipt of product.

      Models: RapidVaps

      7320020 7320030 7320035 7320037 7320040

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  • Declarations of Conformity

    • CE Declaration of Conformity - RapidVap Evaporation Systems

      For RapidVap Systems 7900001, 7900003, 7900011, 7900013 and RapidVap N2 Systems 7910001, 7910011, 7910013, 7910015

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Aluminum Blocks

Dry Evaporator, Concentrator & Cold Trap Accessories

From blocks to rotors to strobe lights, numerous accessories are available to customize your Labconco dry evaporator or vacuum concentrator.