Video: Introducing the Labconco Mini Stoppering Chamber

Stoppering samples under vacuum is the best way to keep samples moisture-free for long term storage. If you have a large number of samples to stopper, a tray dryer is the best option, but when you only need to stopper a few samples, Labconco’s new Mini Stoppering Chamber is the perfect accessory for your freeze dryer.

The Mini Stoppering Chamber connects directly to a port on your freeze dry system and can stopper up to 48 serum vials on one port. One mini chamber can be hooked up to each freeze dry port. It’s easy to use and small enough to store away when not in use. 

The following video shows the Mini-Stoppering Chamber in action:

Mini Stoppering Chamber Brochure

The Mini Stoppering Chamber is ideal for lyophilizing samples in small serum vials with split stoppers. Simply attach the Mini Stoppering Chamber to a port on any FreeZone® Freeze Dry System...

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