Press Release: Labconco’s Commitment to Sustainability Extends to Labs Around the World



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For release: April 22, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Labconco’s Commitment to Sustainability Extends to Labs Around the World

Labconco’s environmental mission is nothing new, but our renewed commitment to sustainability is making a greater impact than ever. Labs are infamous for consuming huge amounts of energy, but Labconco has amassed nearly a century of engineering for efficiency. That’s great news for any organization that supports a laboratory. Our new Labconco Sustainability Initiatives brochure details how Labconco can make a huge impact on your organization’s sustainability goals.

Our biosafety cabinets, fume hoods and glassware washers can all help your next project reach the most rigorous sustainability goals. Labconco products are manufactured responsibly from high quality recycled steel, using recycled and regional materials whenever possible. Many of our products include over 70% recyclable content, and some are up to 94.9% recyclable after their useful life. Our project engineers can calculate your lab’s potential lifetime energy efficiency savings, up to a million dollars for replacing as few as eight fume hoods in a busy laboratory. Contact the Labconco Sustainability Committee about our LEED green project capabilities. We even enable projects that allow laboratories to reach zero net energy consumption, like the lab that produces more energy than it consumes at Bristol Community College.

The new Labconco Sustainability brochure details the lifetime energy savings afforded using our CFC and HCFC free refrigerants to render samples shelf-stable and safe to store at room temperature. Add to that our intelligent sensors and operating systems that can perfect your energy saving programs by performing tasks such as closing the sash on unoccupied fume hoods or sending you a mobile alert confirming your freeze-dried sample has reached dryness.

Engineered for sustainability, Labconco powers laboratories on every continent. Yes, we’re even in Antarctica. Discover the details that are most important for your lab’s sustainability goals at



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