Press Release: Smarter, more reliable protection for your samples

End-Zone End Point Determination System for FreeZone Freeze Dryer

P R E S S     R E L E A S E

Lyo-Works™ OS powers new FreeZone® Freeze Dryers

For release: September 19, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – You can trust Labconco freeze dryers to be reliable. Some of them have been hard at work in labs around the world for more than forty years. You can trust the newest FreeZone® Freeze Dryer to be smart, too. It helps you optimize sample quality with Lyo-Works™ OS. The Lyo-Works operating system handles all of your lyophilization programs and data.

Natural laws govern the sublimation process. But new freeze dryer controls make lab lyophilization quicker and more reliable.

Stay connected

Your samples are valuable, and so is your time. Since lyophilization can take days, it’s reassuring to know the status of your sample when you’re not in the lab.

Lyo-Works can email your run status at programmed time intervals. So you’ll get an email alert if anything goes wrong, and with End-Zone™ end point detection, get an alert when your samples are finished. Staying informed equals peace of mind.

Vacuum pump protection

If your vacuum pump fails, it can be expensive. Pump maintenance can be a pain. The FreeZone protects your pump with its auto start-up, vacuum break valve, and patented drain line sensor.

Auto mode won’t start your pump until the collector is cold enough to protect your vacuum pump. And to prevent dry pump damage and oil mist in the lab, your pump will automatically shut down if it doesn’t reach 5 mbar of vacuum within 30 minutes of startup.

The patented drain line sensor detects moisture before it can damage your pump. And in the event of a power failure, the vacuum break valve saves samples that haven’t melted. It also protects the pump by not allowing the vacuum to restart on samples that have suffered melt back.

Data collection & visualization

Lyo-Works on-board storage lets you monitor and store your samples’ conditions. So you can prove sample integrity without connecting a PC or special accessory. Real time on-screen tables and graphs clearly show the variables affecting your samples. Access vacuum and temperature data with a touch of its screen. And transfer data easily with the built in Ethernet or USB port.

Plug-and-Play accessories

Freeze dryers can last for decades, but your samples and science change. FreeZone Freeze Dryers can change when your science changes, just switch out an accessory or two.

All temperature controlled drying accessories can be operated from the FreeZone’s touch screen display. For samples in flasks, add the End-Zone for end point detection and eliminate the risk of ending a run too soon. You won’t waste energy and time by running your equipment far too long, and still feeling unsure.

Test drive Lyo-Works at, and try the Lab Evaporation Scout for help finding the right FreeZone for your samples. 

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