Record-Setting Donation: Cart for the Cure

Cart for the Cure Record Donation - 2019 - cropped

We did it. Another record-setting donation to the St. Luke's Foundation. We're helping to provide mammograms to women who couldn't otherwise receive preventative care. 

The image above? That's us, delivering a check for $3,715. But it wasn't just us. It was our customers, who helped us donate $50 for every pink Cart for the Cure they purchased. It was our employees, who donated at fund raisers and special Cart for the Cure events. It was our survivors, who shared their personal stories to bring awareness to our Cart for the Cure program.

The program has been donating each year since 2011. And it’s not too early to start again. If you need a laboratory cart, ask yourself if you want the pink one that reminds you every day that you’re helping too. And that you’re appreciated.

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