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For release: March 8, 2019

Coming to Pittcon 2019? Stop by the Labconco booth (1420) for a Take 5. These are five-minute presentations by our industry experts.

Ever thought about the chemistry of beer? We have. Join Product Manager David Wasescha for a look at how tap water can be converted into highly pure water for critical analytical techniques through the analogy of beer production. Different beer types require different water “profiles” with different mineral contents. Find out what to do to if you want a great New England IPA but have poor water quality at your location. David will be presenting at 11am on Tuesday and 1pm on Wednesday.

Do you have a laboratory glassware washer but still find yourself with less than stellar glassware? Product Manager Taylor Jennings will give you the do’s and don’ts of glassware washing. Whether it’s white film, etching or something else, we have you covered. Taylor will present at 1pm on Tuesday.

Extractions are a booming business in recent years. Project Development Manager Nathan Richardson will give you the basics you need to ventilate and operate your lab safely while doing extractions. This Take 5 will begin at 3pm on Tuesday.

Ductless hoods are popular for the flexibility they provide compared to ducted hoods. But not all applications are appropriate for a ductless hood. Join Nathan Richardson for an overview of when to duct and when not to duct at 11am on Wednesday.

Knowing when to evaporate your samples versus lyophilize them can be tricky. Luckily, we have Product Manager Megan Zimerman to help you navigate the process. It all depends on your type of sample and your goal. Are you testing right now and need a purer sample? Are you looking for stable, long-term storage? Join Megan for a breakdown of when each method is applicable at 3pm on Wednesday.

Do you have another topic or application in mind you’d like to discuss? Are you wondering how to best keep your scientists safe? Stop by our booth at Pittcon, or call one of our application specialists any time at (800) 821-5525. 





About Labconco

Labconco enhances global scientific discovery by providing exceptional equipment and service. Serving the scientific community since 1925, Labconco Corporation manufactures laboratory equipment, specializing in ventilation enclosures such as chemical fume hoods and biological safety cabinets. Labconco also produces glassware washers, freeze dryers, evaporators, glove boxes and specialized forensic enclosures. Manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri and Fort Scott, Kansas, Labconco equipment can be found in academic, industrial, life science, pharmaceutical, environmental, forensic and clinical laboratories worldwide.

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