Finding Success in STEM

Schach SEO Award 2018
We live in a world where unanswered questions are solved by a Google search. The days of pulling out a catalog to compare products are gone. No longer do we scour stores by foot to find the right fit. Painfully sifting through catalog pages for a solution. Now with just a few taps of our finger, we have all this information and more. The same is true about our customers. So, while our world advances, so must our marketing efforts.
Last year Labconco sought to make information more easily accessible to our customers. Figuring out how best to do this in the everchanging world of marketing mediums, was a challenge in itself. Significant work was done by our Marketing Communications department to improve existing content, address specific customer inquiries with fresh content as well as improve our SEO rankings overall.
One of those individuals, Allison Schach, went above and beyond to make an impact. Allison let market data and strategic recommendations inform her efforts, to improve our rankings on existing and new content by adding keywords and writing articles. She was able to improve our rankings for many keywords relevant to our company and industry. She utilizes her leadership in a male-dominated STEM industry to our advantage.
In her first six months leading the charge of two key product lines’ online presence, we saw twelve pages move into page one of search results for one such product, fume hoods. The category page for this product saw an increase of 16 visits and 104 page views per week in the first nine months, an 89% increase for each. 
As a result, she was even recognized for her work with an international SEO and Content award for her work optimizing content for our domestic and global distributors. In 2017, she was a finalist. 
Of hundreds of submissions hers was selected, making Labconco one of the finalists in the business-to-business category. We were in good company. Other companies included L’Oreal, Reprise with Coca-Cola, Western Union and Resolution Media with McDonald’s. We are very proud to have associates that care about our customers as much as we do. Thanks for all your hard work and a BIG congratulations to our very own, Allison Schach!
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