Labconco in the News: New filtered fume hood, energy efficiency

Intelli-Sash Automatic Sash Positioning System 500With greater acceptance of ductless, filtered fume hoods in modern laboratories, this timely article by Mike May, PhD. in Lab Manager Magazine examines some of the reasons for the sea change. Energy efficiency is one of the chief concerns since traditional hoods exhaust expensive tempered air.

Labconco's own filtered fume hood, a collaborative design created along with Erlab, is slated to hit the market before the end of 2014. In addition, energy-saving features and accessories make several other Labconco Fume Hood lines more efficient and environmentally friendly.

As an example, Dr. May quotes Labconco's resident fume hood expert, Beth Mettlach, commenting on the Intelli-Sash Automatic Sash Positioning System:

"You can program the sash to go up when you step up to the hood." It will automatically go down based on the programmed time after you step away. "This automatic opening and closing can be really handy when you are carrying something heavy or bulky." A hood can also reduce its air supply when closed, and that improves energy efficiency, which you will see is a key trend.

Read the entire article, "Aerodynamics and accessories add efficiency, safety and ease of use" by Mike May, PhD. in Lab Manager.

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