Fume Hood Accessories

Labconco offers a complete line of accessories to customize your Protector, Basic or Fiberglass 30 Laboratory Hood.

Fume Hood Accessories
Tissue Screen Kit
Tissue Screen Kits

Screens that mount behind fume hood baffles to trap small airborne materials.

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Ceiling Enclosure Kits

Ceiling Enclosure Kits include panels that extend above the top of the hood to hide exposed ductwork, plumbing and wiring. They can be used with any Protector Premier, XStream, XL, XLE, Stainless Steel or PVC Laboratory Hood.

Labconco offers a complete line of fume hood accessories to customize your Protector Laboratory Hood.


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Protector Storage Cabinets, Base Stands & Fume Hood Accessories Catalog

Catalog provides ordering information on Protector Acid, Solvent, Standard and Vacuum Pump Storage Cabinets; SpillStopper and Flat Work Surfaces; and fume hood accessories including service fixture kits, electrical receptacle kits, airflow monitors, ceiling enclosures, distillation grids and Snuffer Fire Extinguishers. This is Labconco literature code 2-61.

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User's Manuals

Guardian 1000 Digital Airflow Monitor Operating and Instruction Manual

For catalog numbers: 3908800, 3908801, 3908802, 3908803, 9743211, and 9743212

View PDF (134.0 KB)

Guardian Digital Airflow Monitor Manual

For catalog numbers: 9743202, 9743203, 9743206, 9743207 and 9743209

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Guardian Jr. Airflow Monitor Manual

For catalog numbers: 4865000 and 9743200 series

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Snuffer Fire Extinguishers Instruction Sheet

For catalog numbers: 1115000, 1115002, 1115003, 1115004

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