New forensic product is ready to help you take a bite outta crime

You will find many Labconco products in forensic labs including freeze dryers biological safety cabinets, ductless enclosures fume hoods and PVC enclosures. This spring, Labconco launched a new line of equipment designed specifically for the forensic scientists.

The first product in this line is the Protector Evidence Drying Cabinet. The Protector Evidence Drying Cabinet is designed to dry clothing and other pieces of evidence from crime scenes. It is important to properly dry these items so they can be stored in evidence rooms for further testing.

These items contain bodily fluids such as blood and are considered biohazards. Many times, these items have strong, repulsive odors as well. By using the Evidence Drying Cabinet to dry evidence, laboratory personnel are protected from the biohazards and the laboratories' odor exposure is greatly reduced.

Labconco is the only manufacturer to offer an Evidence Drying Cabinet with a stainless steel liner and a U.V. light. Stainless steel offers superior cleanability as well as durability. A U.V. light significantly reduces the risk of DNA cross contamination from one case to the other by denaturing any DNA left in the cabinet when the light is used in between cases.

To prevent accidental exposure of U.V. light onto evidence that is placed in the cabinet, a U.V. security system is standard on all cabinets requiring a key to be present and turned on in order for the light to function.

The Protector Evidence Drying Cabinet comes complete with 3 integral shelves that can be easily lowered flush to the walls when not needed. Other features include two prefilters, standard HEPA filter, carbon filter, and casters so the cabinet may be easily moved. The door of the cabinet can be padlocked, or, tamper proof seals can be used to maintain the proper chain of custody of the evidence.

An optional Starter Kit is available that includes consumable products that are needed for operation such as precut paper liners placed on the bottom of the cabinet to collect fibers or other trace pieces of evidence, disinfectant to clean the cabinet between cases.

Watch for two new products that are coming soon—the CApture Portable Fuming System, an all in one device that fixes fingerprints at the crime scene and the Protector Downdraft Powder Station. It's CSI—Labconco.

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