NEW CApture Portable Fuming System

The new CApture Portable Fuming System, the latest addition to Labconco's Forensic Enclosures line, quickly fixes latent fingerprints at the crime scene using microburst or traditional CA fuming methods, while protecting the user from hazardous fumes.

Features include:

  • Patent-pending, collapsible design allows components to nest together into a compact package with handle
  • Clear, shatter-resistant polycarbonate chamber provides visibility to the evidence during the fuming process
  • Microprocessor-controlled heater allows the user to set the temperature in one degree increments between 120° to 350°F (50° to 177°C)
  • Two heater receptacles with heater door to accommodate heater pans
  • Stainless steel support manifold with three control slide slots and perforations for attaching a shelf and hook
  • Stainless steel hook and perforated tray
  • Built-in exhaust blower
  • Particulate/activated carbon filter cartridge traps smoke and CA fumes exhausted from the chamber


Get more information and request a quote on a CApture Portable Fuming System today, or download the new Forensic Enclosures catalog to view all of the forensic products we now offer.

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