XPert design features keep contaminants contained

The XPert line of Balance Enclosures, Systems and Stations by Labconco Corporation offers features designed to direct airflow and provide enhanced containment to minimize worker exposure to contaminants.

These features include:

Patented* aerodynamic air foil with Clean-Sweep openings. The low-profile shape of the air foil allows air to sweep the work surface by creating a constant protective barrier from contaminants. Should the operator inadvertently block the airflow entering the air foil, air continues to pass under the foil and through the Clean-Sweep openings, providing maximum containment.

Side-Entry Air Foils. Air enters the enclosure through these foils, creating turbulence-free, clean air that sweeps the interior sidewalls of the enclosure.

Upper Sash Foil. The air passage directly atop the sash foil bleeds air into the hood chamber and directs chemical and powder concentrations away from the sash opening. The radiused design of the sash foil sweeps airflow into the enclosure with minimal turbulence.

Upper Dilution Air Supply. This feature introduces air from above the work area which constantly bathes the sash interior. This greatly reduces powders and chemical fumes along the back of the sash and provides maximum containment away from the critical breathing zone of the user. It also diminishes stagnant pockets of air in the upper interior.

XPert Airflow

Patented* Zoned Rear Perforated Baffle. In traditional enclosures there is a tendency for contaminants generated in the interior to roll forward creating the potential for high concentrations of contaminants behind the sash in close proximity to the user’s breathing zone. The design of the XPert line counteracts this tendency for “roll” or “vortex” by directing laminar-like air streams horizontally to the three zoned sections of the perforated baffle; air sweeps through the enclosure in a single pass. The lower section of perforations provides more airflow at the bottom to help form the directional airflow, minimizing the potential for air to roll forward and keep contaminated air from moving toward the sash opening.

The solid construction and other features provided by the XPert line offer additional advantages. The epoxy-coated aluminum and steel framework provides corrosion resistance, stability and durability.

Tempered safety glass components such as the sash dissipate static, resist scratching, crazing, discoloration and simplify cleaning. Safety glass is fire resistant and appropriate for solvent use. The internal dimensions accommodate analytical balances make weighing procedures simpler and more efficient and provide additional safety for workers.

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