Labconco Races to Cure Breast Cancer

What’s more fun than waking up at 5:30am on a Sunday morning to run a 5K, you ask?

I know, I literally cannot think of anything either, but next time you’re looking for some fun on a crisp September morning, do what 28 members of the Labconco family did and volunteer at a water station in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. These 8 Labconco employees along with 20 husbands, wives, children and friends gathered at Water Station #1 located in the Scandinavian section of Worlds of Fun to hand out refreshing cups of water to the 15,000 racers who Raced for the Cure this year.

In our 5th year sponsoring a water station during this race, it is safe to say that this has become a tradition at Labconco, something we look forward to each year. The team arrived at 6:45am to start constructing our beverage tower, precisely filled with pre-chilled H2O. Our years of experience at the race have taught us exactly how to form the layers need to fully support the vast amount of cups needed to quench the thirst of the coming throng. Everyone moved with the skills of a licensed contractor forming a well-oiled beverage dispensing station that filled hundreds upon hundreds of cups within mere minutes.

After construction was completed, our banner proudly hung and the pink Cart for the Cure prominently displayed, the team relaxed for a little while with donuts for snacks and socialized with Snoopy and Sally (of Peanuts fame), who came by to visit us before the race.

Once the race began, we became a flurry of activity as the majority of our team lined the race course, extending cool water to those runners who desired it while a few of us ran our own race back and forth from the main table to keep the servers along the race track fed with fresh cups.

Our water station was fortunately positioned directly next to one of the live bands, The Women’s Movement, who serenaded the passing runners, several of whom actually stopped to dance with the band members. It’s amazing how quickly 15,000 people can go by when you’re having such a great time enjoying the day and interacting with others who are united together to support a great cause. 

Kudos also to all of the Labconco folks who ran in the race as well. 5 employees and 11 family members and/or friends of family members participated in the event and made sure to stop at the beverage station or take our picture from the vantage point of the racers.

It truly was a “World of Fun” working side by side with our genetic family and our Labconco family members to enjoy the gift of serving others. The excitement of race day, the smiles from the racers, the comradery built by working together, the music from the live band and the perfection of the weather all equaled a morning of tremendous joy.

Our gratitude goes to everyone who supported the cause. Onward to 2016!

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