Laboratory Carts

Labconco Carts and Benches transport items from lab to lab or serve as extra bench or desk space. Tables serve a variety of uses.

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Cart for the Cure with tag and reflection
Cart for the Cure with ID Tag
Cart for the Cure

Price: $570.00
Sale Price: $470.00

7368700 FreeZone Cart
FreeZone Cart

Price: $970.00

Carboy Caddy

Price: $575.00

Chemical Cart

Price: $715.00

Instrument Desk

Price: $550.00

Logic Cart
Logic Cart

Price: $905.00

Pan Cart

Price: $790.00

Portable Table

Price: $570.00

Stainless Steel Cart

Price: $720.00

Stockroom Cart

Price: $805.00

Utility Cart

Price: $1,060.00

Labconco Laboratory Carts fit in every lab. These versatile carts and benches have endless uses from transporting equipment and supplies to providing auxiliary bench space.

You can help too - Cart for the Cure

Cart for the Cure helps fight breast cancer. You can help too.

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