This is how it feels to Race for the Cure with Labconco

Keithley Family at Race for the Cure

The 25th Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure will take place on October 6, 2018, in the Kansas City area. It’s one of Kansas City’s largest 5K races, with around 15,000 race participants taking part in this pink movement. This race not only helps raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer, it also celebrates the strength of breast cancer survivors and remembers those who lost their battle. The race allows others to show they care and give back. 

Breast cancer is a disease that affects nearly all Americans’ lives in one way or another. That’s why, when given the opportunity to participate in this race and to help make the whole event a success, Labconco’s associates do not hesitate to put their support into action!

2018 marks Labconco Corporation’s 8th year of sponsoring this race and running in it. Since 2011, Labconco has sponsored a water station along the race route each year, with about 25 Labconco people, along with their family members and friends, volunteering their time to hand out water to runners and walkers along the race route. It makes me proud to work with people who have such generous hearts. They embody the quote by Elizabeth Andrew, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.” 

The Race for the Cure experience with LabconcoOne true reflection of this quote is Labconco’s Director of Channel Management Adam Keithley and his family (pictured at top of article). They’ve volunteered every single year since Labconco has been actively supporting this cause. Whether the race day has been a rainy, early Sunday morning or a hot, sticky Saturday afternoon, Adam and his family have shown up with energy and smiles. They’ve given up their own time to help Labconco make a difference. 

Adam says, “I think about participating in the Race for the Cure as part of the Labconco Team over the past 5-6-7 years and all of the memories it holds for me. I’m blessed to be part of a company that values giving back to our community and fosters a way, for those of us who desire to do so, to work together as a team in that act of giving back. Whether the Labconco Team is running in the race or working at the water station to serve H2O to weary runners, we’re doing it together, as a team, just like everything else we do at Labconco.  

“For my family,” Adam says, “we enjoy doing things together all the time, whether it be vacations, time at home or working together. Everything we do together creates memories in our life… especially annual traditions where we can be together at an event of some kind. Serving together at this race has been something that has joined us together closer as a family, as we've worked hard, had fun and served others all at the same time.

Customs Engineer Brent Hartwich and family Raced for the Cure

"We have an incredible amount of fun getting to interact with the racers… especially because so many of them take special interest in having fun at this race. The cause brings out the best in everyone, and it’s a joy to be part of it. We laugh together on the drive home as we reminisce about our favorite memories of the day, and I love watching my kids work hard to bring joy to others.”

Others, like Customs Engineer Brent Hartwich and his family (image below), put their support into action by running in the Race for the Cure each year. “We do it to support finding a cure for a disease that we have had personal contact with, as well as so many others. It also helps to promote hope and keep the fight alive for those going through it at the time… as well as seeing all of those that have survived.” 

The fight can only be won if there are willing warriors. So we at Labconco will continue to be those willing warriors by giving of our time and support during Race for the Cure, Kansas City. We want to put our support into action by joining the fight against breast cancer. 

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