Annual Christmas in October House Adoption

Give Back

Dozens of Labconco associates gather with their loved ones to donate time to Christmas in October's Adopt-A-House program each fall. They bring a little warmth to a neighbor near our Kansas City offices who's unable to take care of their own home, often due to disability or age-related illnesses. When their homes need help that they are unable to physically perform or unable to afford, these volunteers get to work. They help fix-up, paint, remove unwanted trees and weeds, mend fences and put the home back in order. 

At Labconco, we believe being good neighbors makes us more valuable to our community. Beginning in 1983, the Christmas in October organization has brought safety, warmth and dignity to families, the elderly, the disabled and veterans. Through its Adopt-A-House program, Christmas in October rehabilitates 350-400 homes every year. Labconco has participated since 1991. 

Many hands make light work. Our team cleans gutters, repairs broken porches and stoops, mends fences, scrapes and paints, and removes unwanted foliage. Labconco volunteer Lesley McMillin says, “It’s fun getting to know my coworkers better. With a big group working, it's great to see a huge improvement in a short period of time for a person who needs it.”

After his first year working at Christmas in October, Scott Hamm (photo above) added, “I had a blast working on the house, knowing we were helping someone who truly needed it." He said, "the work had a huge impact on the structure and surrounding environment.”

Thank you to all of our Labconco Christmas in October participants. 

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