Joe Reichert

Product Service Manager

Department: Product Service

Joe Reichert


Professional and Fast!

Joe, you were so helpful to me - Thank you. You are knowledgeable, patient, professional and fast! I appreciate your ability to help and inform me of catalogue numbers and special features. 5/5!

Derith K., Charleston, SC

Very prompt and thorough

I emailed with Joe Reichert after filling out the general question form online for Labconco. He was very prompt and thorough in his reply, and helped us find the appropriate tool we were looking for...

Blacksburg, VA

Very prompt and Helpful!

Thank you for all of your help. You're very prompt and Helpful! 5/5

I couldn't expect more!

I couldn't expect more from Joe! I've got all the information I need, he is still sending me more support information by email and he was super kind!!! Have a wonderful day, Joe!

Jaehyun K., Tempe, AZ

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for the information, Joe! I appreciate it. I'll probably be ordering in the not-too-distant future. Thank you again.

Steve T., Decatur, IL

Very Helpful!

"Joe and Jennifer stayed online to help while a few of us in our lab worked to get this instrument back in fighting condition. Very helpful! Thank you to Jennifer and Joe!"

Nancy B., Merced, CA

Very Professional!

"Joe is very professional! He has a lot of patience and is more than willing to help."

Sunny S., San Francisco, CA

Quick and Courteous

"Joe gave me the information I needed quickly and answered my questions with courtesy."

Brett N., West Lafayette, IN


"Joe, I'm truly gratefiul for all the help you've given me this morning, you've truly been a lifesaver! Thank you very much."

Edcar T., Boston, MA


"Profesional and knowledgeable!"

Mikel R., Bronx, NY

Big Thank You

"Joe and Becky were extremely responsive and knowledgeable on my issue. A big thank you to both of them for their support and time."

Matthew K., Seattle, WA

True Expert

"Very helpful. Joe is a true expert."

Xueguang J., Knoxville, TN

With Courtesy

"Joe gave me the information I needed quickly and answered my questions with courtesy."

Brett N., West Lafayette, IN

Good Work, Joe!

"Joe recognized the issue as I'd described it and was able to offer clear troubleshooting advice. Good work Joe!"

Daniel S., Everett, WA

Superior Service

"Mr. Joe Reichert gave me superior service."

Anthony S., Pasadena, CA

Good help

"Joe was knowledgeable and efficient!"

Matt M., Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thanks for Excellent Service

"We would like to thank Labconco and specifically Joe Reichert for servicing our Labconco CentriVap Centrifugal Concentrator quickly, effectively and courteously... He represented your company in an outstanding manner, and has helped us continue with our analyses with negligible delay. We will keep this encounter in mind when we need to purchase new equipment. Thank you, Joe and Labconco!"

Brandt K., Columbia, MO

Problem Readily Solved

"Excellent service. My problem was solved readily. The professional was very polite."

Luis P., Braga, Portugal

Good, Patient Instructions

"The service advisor, Joe, is very patient and gave me good instructions."

Tianyan L., Madison, WI

Quite Proactive

"Joe helped with a solution to our problem, and was quite proactive about it."

Robin K., Clinton, NY

Expert Technical Advice

"Very good competence of technical expert - Joe. Thank you."

Kostiantyn D., Kiev, Ukraine

Quick with Technical Knowledge

"Joe answered my questions quickly and with good technical knowledge about the equipment."

Lydia M., Albany, NY


"All questions were answered in a professional manner."

Gus C., Kansas City, MO

Spot On Answers

"Joe was spot on, as always! Fast, reliable answers!"

Paulo F., College Station, TX