Dry Evaporator, Concentrator & Cold Trap Accessories

From blocks to rotors to strobe lights, numerous accessories are available to customize your Labconco dry evaporator or vacuum concentrator.

Aluminum Blocks
CentriVap Rotors

Many styles of CentriVap rotors are available to suit your individual concentration needs.

RapidVap Glassware with Stems
RapidVap Glassware and Accessories

Borosilicate glass tubes fit inside blocks for RapidVap N2 and N2/48 Dry Evaporation Systems.


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Evaporator Trade-In

Receive a free Rotor, Block or Glassware Set worth up to $2,155 when you trade in your old evaporator of ANY brand. Your trade-in will help Seeding Labs support laboratories around the world in need of resources. Find out how

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