Video: Creation of the Axiom Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet

The Purifier Axiom Type C biosafety cabinet replaces Type A2 and Type B2 biological safety cabinetsType A2 and B2 biological safety cabinets have been replaced by the new Type C1. This video highlights the advantages that make the C1 safer and more cost efficient other Class II biological safety cabinets. 
The team of engineers at Labconco developed the Type C1 to eliminate the need for all other types of biological safety cabinets. They combined features of type A2 and type B2 cabinets in a way that many engineers had thought would be impossible. The resul is a safer, more reliable, more usable work space
Laboratory building design, life science lab work flow and lab safety all took a giant leap forward from decades old Type A2 and Type B2 technology with the creation of this new type of Class II biosafety cabinet.


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