Video: How to program FreeZone Freeze Dryers with Lyo-Works OS

Programming Lyo-Works OS on FreeZone Freeze Dryers

Getting reliable, consistent results when freeze drying is important. Uncertainty is the enemy of the scientific process.

The complexities of preserving samples add another layer of uncertainty to many applications. Detailed freeze drying programs solve that problem. Use the Lyo-Works™ Operating System on your FreeZone® Freeze Dryer to make programming easy, remove inconsistencies from your process and bring lyophilization fully under your control. 

Monitoring the process is another complication, especially during long freeze dry runs. That's why a mobile alert system was created for Lyo-Works OS, to help monitor your samples, even from outside the lab. 

This video shows how easy programming a freeze dryer can be, and demonstrates how to set up mobile alerts to monitor the process. 

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