Designed by microbiologists, for microbiologists

(and 5 more reasons you should be working in the Purifier Axiom)

The world’s first Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet has the potential to change the industry. The Purifier Axiom Class II, Type C1 BSC is the brainchild of two microbiologists, one a seasoned engineer and the other a skilled manager of product development. With that team in your corner, a lot can go right—and it did.

What you should remember about the Axiom is that it can function as a Type A or a Type B cabinet safely and efficiently, making it the first of its kind. In Type A mode, the HEPA filtered air is recirculated into the room. In Type B mode, the cabinet is ducted to the outside and is able to handle chemical fumes and vapors. All this is possible in the same cabinet, and switching from Type A to Type B mode takes little time.

Once you comprehend just how versatile this biosafety cabinet really is, here are five additional reasons the Axiom deserves your attention:

1. The Chem-Zone™ Work Surface has three distinct sections; this unique design has specific airflow and workflow advantages.

When in the ducted Type B mode, the Chem-Zone safely removes vapors to ensure your safety while operating the cabinet. Those hazardous fumes are sent through the exhaust filter as they’re vented from the cabinet and are not recirculated. Air outside the Chem-Zone is indeed recirculated, saving energy without compromising the safety of you or your lab.

The center of the work surface is dished to contain spills and also gives you a dedicated workspace that’s easily visually identifiable.

“What this allows the users to do is put the clean materials and things they’re not working with yet on the left side, work in the middle, and place the dirty materials on the right,” Brian Garrett, Product Manager for the Axiom, says. “Or vice versa if you’re a southpaw.”

Garrett, who knows a thing or two about microbiology, says the additional visual direction the Chem-Zone provides the operator of the cabinet is an advantage in the field.

“It provides workflow as well as a safe place to work,” Garrett says.

2. You’re covered for up to five minutes, even if the building exhaust fails

Yes, five minutes. That’s because Labconco utilizes its Constant Air Profile (CAP™) to control airflow and allow the two ECM blowers boasted by the Axiom to maintain safety during an exhaust failure. This feature, called Active Protection Protocol™, is a key advantage to those using the Axiom, Garrett says.

“We called it ‘Active Protection Protocol’ because it’s actively protecting you even though the exhaust system you have it hooked up to has failed,” he says. “It warns you that there’s been an exhaust failure and tells you how much time is left, up to five minutes. Then, you can safely and methodically control your assets… and get yourself out of the cabinet in a safe protocol.”

3. The operating system is so smart, it makes you look smart(er)

MyLogic Operating System for Axiom configuration screen - 650The Axiom is configured with the MyLogic Operating System, which takes ‘user-friendly’ to a new level. Right in your line of sight while seated and in full color, MyLogic uses actual sentences to communicate programming instructions and prompts. The operating system allows you to view cabinet function, check filter loading status and see what systems are in use. A bar graph shows the percentage of HEPA filter life remaining, and MyLogic will warn you when it gets too low. If a visual or audible alarm engages, the operating system explains the problem, diagrams what has been affected and tells you how to troubleshoot the issue.

In addition, MyLogic controls the Smart-Start System, which allows you to program the start up and shut down operations of the cabinet. Programming these actions once instead of re-entering them every day saves time and reduces the margin for error. The Night-Smart System is also part of MyLogic. Available in Type A mode only, Night-Start idles the blower while the sash is closed.

Essentially, the MyLogic Operating System is designed to communicate necessary information clearly, allowing you to focus on your work and not on mystery beeps or unexplained blinking lights. It also saves steps, giving you more time to complete your important work in the Axiom.

4. You can go directly to the source if you have questions

If you find yourself working in a piece of Labconco laboratory equipment, there are a variety of ways to reach out should you have questions. You could call your territory manager or sales representative. You could reach out to product service, send an email or use the Live Chat option on the website. Or, there’s always the 800 number, which—like every other phone at Labconco—is answered by a real person.

Although the customer service offered is already stellar, you’re given extra options with the Axiom.

“For this product, we are extending service to include engineering and product management directly,” Garrett says. “This includes installation, training, programming or other questions.”

In short, you can reach those microbiologists who designed the Axiom. They’re ready to talk to you.

5. Your comfort while working was a design priority, not an afterthought

Labconco has been designing, engineering and manufacturing laboratory equipment with end users in mind for decades. The Axiom, like the recently released Purifier Logic+ Biosafety Cabinet, is no exception. The ergonomic feature package has been dubbed Inclination Technology—a design that reinforces what you’re already inclined to do.

“There’s always been this interest in ergonomics,” Jim Hunter, Product Engineer for the Axiom, says. “We’ve had angled sashes since the ‘80s. Back in 2000, we actually brought in a Human Factors person, and they modeled in the cabinet.”

Numerous focus groups and prototypes later, the result is equipment built for your comfort. Inclination Technology includes a curved inlet grille for resting your forearms, flush-mounted outlet covers for easy cleaning and, of course, that angled sash that lets you get closer to your work while reducing glare. In addition, the full color LCD display is right in your line of sight in the ADA-compliant Axiom.

“We design around the human body,” Hunter says.

If you put your human body in front of the Purifier Axiom, you will undoubtedly recognize the difference.

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