Laboratory Cart 604: A Love Story

In December of 1957, Gene McGough was interviewing for his job in a laboratory at the former Potash Company of America (PCA). A Labconco laboratory cart labeled 604 sat next to him, laden with 500 mL flasks. He got the job. Six months later, Gene bought a Jaguar XK-150. Two weeks after that, he was married—another love story for another time.

Photo: Gene's Kids with Jaguar, Courtesy of Gene McGough

Gene used Cart 604 throughout his six-year stint with PCA, often logging his hours with the cart by his side and the car in the lot. He eventually moved on to other career opportunities. Still, when he heard PCA had closed their operations and had plans to demolish his old laboratory, he knew he had to go back and rescue what he could.

Gene managed to save Cart 604 along with some other antique items. Cart 604, though, wasn’t built to collect dust. Neither was Gene.

Cart 604 has seen better days

Photo: Cart 604, Courtesy of Gene McGough

After he lubricated the casters and removed the side rails for cleaning, he spent two weeks on a mission of trial and error to find the correct positions for each of Cart 604’s pieces. Because the holes were individually hand-drilled, each rail was unique. He was successful.

Both Gene and Cart 604 continue to work to this day—only this time, they have a new project. Gene’s rescued, mostly-original Cart 604 now sits in his workshop, holding tools to help him restore his truly antique, powder blue Jaguar.

Cart with Jaguar parts

Photo: Cart 604 with Jaguar and parts, Courtesy of Gene McGough

Gene reports Cart 604 has survived the years better than his beloved car. But if his history of successful restoration is any indication, that Jaguar is sure to be purring in no time.

I want my pink Cart for the Cure

Cart for the Cure is a special, limited edition model of our popular Portable Table laboratory cart. It has all the great features of our standard Portable Table, except the 18 gauge welded tubular steel frame boasts the official Breast Cancer Awareness pink color!

For three months a year, from September through November, Cart for the Cure is sold at $100 off, and for each one sold, Labconco will donate $50.00 to the St. Luke's Foundation to help provide free mammograms to women who can't afford them.

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