Axiom Week: Day 1

FAQs, Myths, Fabrications & Misinformation about the Type C1 Purifier Axiom - Part 1

In March of 2017, the NSF International released the 2016 update to NSF/ANSI Standard 49. One major change affected the “Definitions” section, harmonizing the language for the different types of Class II Biosafety Cabinets (BSC) and adding the Class II, Type C1.

The Axiom has already been listed by NSF International to Standard 49 for both 4 and 6 foot options, in both 8 and 10 inch sash heights, and installed in both recirculating and ducted modes. 

MYTH: NSF/ANSI 49 does not recognize the Type C1 designation.

TRUTH: NSF/ANSI Standard 49-2016 recognizes and defines the Class II Type C1.

MISINFORMATION: The Axiom is not an NSF listed Type A BSC nor a Type B BSC. 

TRUTH: From NSF Business Unit Manager, Maren H. Roush: 

“As noted in the official NSF Listings online at, Labconco models 30441, 30448, 30461 and 30468 do not fall entirely under the “A” or “B” cabinet type definitions in the 2012 version of NSF Standard 49. However, they were found to meet the materials, design, construction and performance requirements of NSF/ANSI 49-2012, and as such, were Certified by NSF International. 

“Standard 49 allows for cabinets that vary in design, construction, or installation of accessory equipment, if appropriate tests and investigations indicate that the equipment is durable and reliable, can be cleaned and decontaminated, and performs in conformance to the Standard. The aforementioned Axiom models were tested by NSF International to Standard 49 in both recirculating mode and with direct exhaust. 

“Additional tests that were performed on these Axiom models included smoke visualization above the directly exhausted section of the work surface and an evaluation of the cabinet’s ability to maintain inflow velocity in the event of an exhaust system failure (with the alarm function disabled).” 

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