Application Note: RapidVap Vertex Evaporator


US EPA Method 550.1 requires an evaporation or concentration step when extracting polyaromatic hydrocarbons from liquid. The data presented are compounds from the matrix spike.


RapidVap Vertex Evaporator (Cat#7320020/SN-111150275 A) with 40 mL block.

40 mL I-Chem vials with PTFE lined septa.

Chromatographic grade Methylene Chloride and Acetonitrile.

Agilent 1100 HPLC with Ultraviolet and Fluorescence Detection

Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon standards purchase from Supelco Analytical.


  • 40mL vials were filled with 10.0mL of methylene chloride spiked with 5ng/mL – 100ng/mL depending on the concentration of the analytical standard and concentrated down to 1mL.
  • The block preheat and temperature was 40°C with 10 p.s.i. of nitrogen. The 0.5mL was brought to 3mL with acetonitrile and then concentrated to 0.5mL.
  • Three preparations were injected in duplicate and compared to a 1ug/mL standard of polyaromatic hydrocarbons for percent recovery determinations. 

Table 1 (below) shows the recoveries of the matrix spike. Method 550.1 was used as a reference.

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