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LabSolutions Detergent and Rinse

LabSolutions Powder Detergent, Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent, and Neutralizing Acid Rinse are specially formulated for Labconco SteamScrubbers and FlaskScrubbers. Each removes a wide range of laboratory contaminants and rinses completely. 

LabSolutions Powder Detergent, Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent, and Neutralizing Acid Rinse. 

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LabSolutions Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent
LabSolutions Liquid Detergent, 4522000

Catalog # 4522000

Price: $178.00

  • Number of Loads: 180
LabSolutions Neutralizing Acid Rinse
LabSolutions Neutralizing Acid Rinse, 4522200

Catalog # 4522200

Price: $35.50

  • Number of Loads: Not applicable
LabSolutions Powder Detergent, large pail
LabSolutions Powder Detergent, Large Pail, 4422100

Catalog # 4422100

Price: $370.00

  • Number of Loads: 400
LabSolutions Powder Detergent, small pail
LabSolutions Powder Detergent, Small Pail, 4422000

Catalog # 4422000

Price: $181.00

  • Number of Loads: 140

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    • FlaskScrubber & SteamScrubber Laboratory Glassware Washers Catalog

      Contains selection guide, features and benefits and specifications for SteamScrubber, FlaskScrubber and FlaskScrubber Vantage Series Laboratory Glassware Washers as well as accessories and companion products.

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  • Application Notes

    • Detergent Residue Test Using a pH Meter, pH Indicator, or Test Kit

      Test procedures are suitable for detecting detergent residues resulting from improper rinsing and can be used to meet laboratory accreditation guidelines and questionnaires such as the College of American Pathologist program of state water lab accreditation programs. 

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    • Inhibitory Residue Reports for LabSolutions Powder and Liquid Detergents

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  • Safety Data Sheets

    • LabSolutions Liquid Detergent SDS

      Safety Data Sheet for LabSolutions Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent.

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    • LabSolutions Neutralizing Acid Rinse SDS

      Safety Data Sheet for LabSolutions Neutralizing Acid Rinse.

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    • LabSolutions Powder Detergent SDS

      Safety Data Sheet for LabSolutions Non-Foaming Powder Detergent.

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