LabSolutions Powder Detergent, large pail

LabSolutions Powder Detergent, Large Pail, 4422100
  • LabSolutions Powder Detergent, Large Pail, 4422100
Catalog #: 4422100
Price: $273.00


  • Number of Loads: 400


  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 27.5 lbs
  • Estimated Shipping Weight metric: 12.5 kg

LabSolutions Non-Foaming Powder Detergent is specially formulated for Labconco glassware washers. Removes lab contaminants such as grease, agar, blood and protein digestates. Rinses completely. Non-foaming formula does not promote leaks. A 1% solution has a pH of approximately 12.5. Contains phosphates. Non-hazardous formula may be shipped anywhere. Approximately 400 loads.

LabSolutions Powder Detergent, Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent, and Neutralizing Acid Rinse are specially formulated for Labconco SteamScrubbers and FlaskScrubbers. Each removes a wide range of laboratory contaminants and rinses completely. 

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