FreeZone Triad Benchtop Freeze Dryer

FreeZone Triad Benchtop Freeze Dryer
  • FreeZone Triad Benchtop Freeze Dryer
Catalog #: 794001070


  • Region: International
  • Collector Temperature: -85° C, -121° F
  • Conformance: CE
  • Ice Holding Capacity: 2.5L
  • Plug Type: India
  • Style: Benchtop
  • Vacuum Pump Displacement Required: 98 L/min or larger displacement


  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 440.0 lbs
  • Estimated Shipping Weight metric: 199.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 28.3" w x 29.5" d x 27.7" h
  • Dimensions metric: 71.9 x 74.9 x 70.4 cm
  • Electrical: 230V, 50 Hz, 12A

FreeZone Triad Benchtop Freeze Dryers are designed for multiple types of lyophilization: flask, bulk and stoppering vials. With the ability to freeze dry samples in so many different forms, the Triad's versatility and compact design make it perfect for busy labs.

The upright stainless steel collector coil holds 2.5 liters of ice before defrosting. Two 1/3 hp HCFC/CFC-free refrigeration compressors cool the collector to -85° C (-121° F), suitable for aqueous or dilute acetonitrile samples. Temperature-controlled shelves range from -55° C to +50° C (-67° F to +122° F) and a maximum of -75° C (-103° F) during pre-freezing. The shelves provide pneumatic stoppering with a diaphragm, eliminating the need for compressed gas.

Lyo-Works™ OS provides a real time display of collector temperature and vacuum level, shown on a 5" full color, capacitive touch screen. A stoppering tray dryer and four valve ports are built-in.

Vacuum pump and freeze dry glassware (if not bulk freeze drying) are required (not included).


Our Product Representatives Are Here To Help

Gail's Story Changed the Way We Think About Lab Freeze Drying

When she visited Kelly at Labconco, Gail's struggle led to an epiphany that would change how laboratory freeze drying is done. With the creation of Lyo-Works OS, samples can now be monitored from anywhere. And with End-Zone™ End Point Detection, now FreeZone Freeze Dryers can even send you an alert when your samples are completely lyophilized.

Literature & Resources

  • Brochures

    • FreeZone Freeze Dryers Catalog

      Contains a selection guide, features and benefits, specifications and ordering information on the complete line of FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems, with collector capacities from 2.5 to 18 liters; FreeZone Triad Freeze Dryers; FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers; FreeZone Bulk Tray Dryers; drying accessories; glassware and vacuum pumps.

    • French-Language FreeZone Freeze Dryers Catalog

      This French-language catalog contains an overview, features, benefits, specifications and ordering information on FreeZone Freeze Dryers. Ordering information on accessories is also included. En français.

  • User's Manuals

    • FreeZone Triad Freeze Dryers Manual

      For catalog numbers in the 7940010xx series. These are FreeZone Triad Benchtop Freeze Dryers with Lyo-Works™ OS manufactured in September 2018 or later.

    • Freeze Dry Chemical Compatibility/Eutectic Temperature Chart

      This chart provides common chemicals, their eutectic temperatures, recommended collector temperature, liquid nitrogen trap recommendation and rotary vane pump recommendation as they relate to FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems.

    • Freeze Dry Vacuum System Troubleshooting

      Provides instructions and illustrations to help solve vacuum leaks.

    • FreeZone Triad Freeze Dry System Manual (French)

      Mode d'emploi:  Lyophilisatuer pilote:  FreeZone TriadFor catalog numbers: 7400030 and 7400040

  • Application Notes

    • Methodologies using the Freeze Dryer

      Approximate Freeze Drying Times, Procedure for Freeze Drying Fish Samples for Volatile Substances Using a 4.5 Liter Freeze Dry System, Extraction and Analytical Method for "Microcystin LR" in Cyanobacteria Samples, General Freeze Dry Application for Snake Venom and Other Small Volume Samples of 0.4 ml or Less, Freeze Drying Fungi, General Freeze Dry Application for Monitoring Soil Samples, Freeze Dry Applications for Monitoring Anti-Cancer Drugs and Freeze Drying Mango Powder.

  • Safety Data Sheets

    • Lexsol 542 SDS

      Safety data sheet for heat transfer solution used in FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers manufactured since 2004 and FreeZone Triad Freeze Dry Systems.

    • Pentane MSDS

      This is a material safety data sheet for Pentane refrigerant, which is used in FreeZone Plus (-84) Cascade Freeze Dry Systems, FreeZone Triad Freeze Dry Systems and CentriVap -84 Cold Traps.

    • Refrigerant Genetron AZ-50 (R507) MSDS

      Material safety data sheet for refrigerant used in FreeZone 1, 2.5, 4.5, 6, 12, 18 Liter Freeze Dry Systems, FreeZone Plus 2.5, 6 and 12 Liter Cascade Freeze Dry Systems, FreeZone Triad Freeze Dry Systems, FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers, CentriVap Mobile Systems, Refrigerated CentriVap Vacuum Concentrators and CentriVap Ultra-Low Cold Traps.

    • Refrigerant R452A SDS

    • Refrigerant R508B MSDS

      Material safety data sheet for refrigerant used in FreeZone Plus 2.5, 4.5, 6 and 12 Liter Cascade Freeze Dry Systems, FreeZone Triad Freeze Dry Systems and CentriVap Ultra-Low Cold Traps.

  • Installation Qualification / Operation Qualification

    • Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification for FreeZone Triad Freeze Dryers

      For validation of predetermined FreeZone Triad Freeze Dryers specifications. Provides a checklist of installation and operation qualifications to complete when beginning operation on new or used FreeZone Triad Freeze Dryers manufactured in September 2018 or later. These systems have Lyo-Works™ OS, blue control panel labels and stainless steel fronts.

  • Declarations of Conformity

    • CE Declaration of Conformity - FreeZone Triad Freeze Dryers

      Declaration of Conformity for applicable models of FreeZone Triad Freeze Dryers manufactured September 2018 to present.

  • Software & Apps

    • Lyo-Works OS Software for FreeZone Triad

      This is the Lyo-Works application software for your FreeZone Triad's touchscreen Android interface. The .zip file includes installation instructions. Extract the files in order to install. 

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