12 Port Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dryer, -75°C, -103°F

12-Port Drying Chamber 2017
  • 12-Port Drying Chamber 2017
Catalog #: 7522700


  • Collector Temperature: -75° C, -103° F
  • Ice Holding Capacity: 1L
  • Style: Benchtop


  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 14.0 lbs
  • Estimated Shipping Weight metric: 6.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 9.75 " h x 8.75" dia.
  • Dimensions metric: 24.8 cm h x 22.2 cm dia.

For the laboratory with occasional lyophilization requirements, the Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dryer provides a simple, economical means of freeze-drying. Since dry ice cools alcohol or other heat transfer solutions to approximately 75 degrees C or -103 degrees F, the Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dry System is ideal for processing materials with low eutectic points. The Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dry System is equipped with a center well for dry ice and solvent that serves as a water vapor collector and doubles as a convenient pre-freezing bath. Flasks, serum bottles and ampules may be frozen by dipping and rotating them in the well. Type 304 stainless steel with twelve valves and a single run capacity of 1 liter. Valves accommodate either 1/2" or 3/4" flask adapters. Includes dry ice/solvent center well with 1.92 liter capacity and cover, 1/2" outside diameter port for connection to vacuum pump and 3/8" outside diameter port or connection to vacuum gauge.

Literature & Resources

  • User's Manuals

    • Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dry System Manual

      Instructions for installing and using the Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dry System 7522700.

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