Fume Hood Efficiency Featured Image

University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, AR |
  • Educational Institution
  • XStream Fume Hoods side by side

    An entire wall of Protector XStream Fume Hoods provides the highest possible energy efficiency for a fume hood installation of this magnitude.

  • Two Protector XStream Fume Hoods stand astride plenty of storage in this smaller laboratory that is perfectly designed for working groups.

  • Space is arranged efficiently to provide collaborative bench top work areas for the science classroom.

  • Operating a 6-foot Protector XStream Hood at 60 fpm face velocity with the sash fully open, for example, requires only 690 CFM, providing unmatched energy efficiency.

  • Graduate student researchers have space to work on their solo projects in Discovery Hall.

  • Fume Hood Efficiency Featured Image

    Many of the 76 fume hoods installed here are Protector XStream Fume Hoods. These high performance hoods blend efficiency, safety and functionality.

Discovery Hall

Fayetteville was voted one of America's most beautiful cities in 2012, and—with the help of an ongoing laboratory remodel project at the University of Arkansas—is now home to yet another innovative structure. Discovery Hall is a great example of innovating while renovating. The Science Building, originally opened in 1968, was recently updated to accomodate more classes, more new scientists, and more workspaces. 




Nestled in the bustling community of Fayetteville is the University of Arkansas, an educational institution home to almost 27,000 students and countless other faculty and academic leaders.

Discovery Hall is a multi-level, multidisciplinary space dedicated to chemistry teaching labs, bio-anthropology and archaeology.


Installation: Jul, 2018