XPert Balance Enclosures keep powders contained. Safebridge testing confirmed it.

SafeBridge Consultants, Inc. serves as a consultant to both pharmaceutical companies and equipment manufacturers with expertise in environmental toxicology and industrial hygiene.

Labconco commissioned SafeBridge to test and verify the containment properties of the XPert Balance Enclosure, XPert Filtered Balance System, and XPert Bulk Powder Filtered System with regard to laboratory weighing practices. Through this testing, it was confirmed each of these containment devices provides excellent containment of powders.
Naproxen sodium, a non-potent active pharmaceutical compound, was selected for the study because it is relatively safe to handle, readily detectable in air at low concentrations, has a high dustiness quotient and has challenging electrostatic properties.
The XPert Balance Enclosure and XPert Filtered System demonstrated effective containment when repeated small scale weighing operations were performed. Three different operators with varied levels of work practice performed the weighing procedure. Each operator made a series of 1-gram transfers, while air sampling equipment tested the operator’s breathing zone, the enclosure face, the exhaust and the room air ten feet from the enclosure.
These balance enclosures demonstrated excellent containment when used by operators using proper technique. While no enclosure can compensate for improper technique, these tests confirm that the XPert Balance Enclosure, XPert Filtered Balance System, and XPert Bulk Powder Filtered System are capable of providing a safe working environment.
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