Reminisce with us: 90 years of science and innovation

You’ll have to forgive us for waxing nostalgic. There is just so much history to reminisce about as we celebrate our 90th year!

To honor the many people who helped build Labconco from its humble roots in a Kansas City garage into a world-class brand, we’ve developed several fun ways for you to explore our history:

Take a look at Labconco’s Milestones on Facebook. We’ve added 90 years of timeline events that trace the many links between our company, Kansas City, laboratory innovations and cultural history.

Find out why we always say, “It’s the people!” at Labconco. It’s much More Than a Business.

We know what it means to be proudly Made in America: Distributed Internationally. Trace our roots from our home base in Kansas City to our plant in Fort Scott to laboratories around the world.

And see our updated Company History page to learn about the men who founded Labconco in 1925 and the core values of integrity, quality and customer relationships that have allowed us to grow and thrive for 90 years.

Featured at right: Original LAB-CON-CO logo

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