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For release: July 16, 2019

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Protector I-S Fume Hoods bring sustainable lab design within reach for smaller projects and laboratory upgrades.

Labconco’s new line of I-S Fume Hoods come factory-prepared with sash sensors that are designed to pair with Intelli-Sense™ Multi-Speed Blowers. They’re engineered for installations where a fume-hood-integrated variable air volume (VAV) air handling system may not be the best solution, and constant volume hoods will not meet the laboratory's needs. Even installations with a small number of fume hoods can now benefit from the energy savings normally associated with a larger building air handling management system.

The I-S is equipped with Automatic Position Exhaust. When the sash is fully closed, position sensors communicate with the Intelli-Sense Multi-Speed Blower to pull air through the hood at the lowest necessary setting to maintain safety. As the sash is raised toward a height for working within the hood, the sash sensor will signal the blower to increase speed to a medium setting to maintain safety and containment. When the sash is raised higher than working height, the blower speed will again increase to meet face velocity safety requirements. Once the sash is returned to a lower position again, the sensors will reduce fan speed back to the preset velocity, thus reducing air volume consumption and saving on energy costs. Since I-S features are provided in Labconco’s high-efficiency, low-flow Protector XStream, Premier and XL Fume Hoods, the hoods can be safely used at lower face velocities across all sash positions, providing an even greater opportunity for long term energy savings.

A Guardian™ Digital Airflow Monitor and a multi-speed blower control module are both pre-installed on every I-S fume hood, saving on field installation costs and reducing installation time. When coupled with a room pressure-controlled HVAC system, I-S fume hoods can provide excellent safety while greatly reducing energy consumption costs. With the reduced installation requirements and utility savings (up to 70% on heating and air conditioning costs), an I-S fume hood can pay for itself in a couple of years––and will pay for itself many times over its 30-year (average) life span.

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