Looking Back: 90 Years of Labconco Memories

2015 has been a year of celebration at Labconco!

In honor of our 90th anniversary this year, we asked our distributors and vendors to send us their stories and mem­­ories of working with Labconco throughout the years. We loved the responses so much we decided to share a few!

Addie, a sales representative from Oregon said that her best experience with Labconco is hearing our switchboard operator’s lovely British accent. "I truly enjoy calling and listening to June!" Addie, June is one of our favorite people to talk to as well! We frequently hear compliments about June as she is not only helpful but also inviting and truly entertaining to interact with. Visitors, customers and employees alike often stop to chat with her.

Dave, an estimating and design manager from Texas sent us this story. His funniest memory of Labconco was "Going to a Grand Prix amusement park in Dallas… We all got in the water bumper boats after a happy hour and we all got soaked in our business casual attire!" It goes to show Labconco knows how to make a great product as well as let loose after a long day. Our distributors often become good friends, too.

Another of his favorite memories of Labconco was working with Jeff Paulsen in New England. After some research, I found someone who has been here long enough to help me with this one. According to one of our vice presidents, Jeff was a Labconco sales representative for the New England area in the 1970s and 80s. Talk about a blast from the past! The anniversary celebrations this year showed just how many employees stay for decades, but now we know many of our distributor contacts do as well!

Cheryl, a customer service representative from Georgia said, "I really have all pleasant stories with Labconco. The staff are all very courteous and knowledgeable, and having stated that, it makes our jobs easier. I am a customer service person and I chat with several hundred people every week. Bottom line: great customer service. Thanks for all you do!" We'll admit we're biased but we think our customer service team is pretty great, too!

Whether you’ve heard about us from your distributor or called us directly for product information or technical assistance, it’s likely you have some similar memories. Feel free to share them with us on our website or social media. And no matter if you want to share a story or make sure you’re ordering the right product for your application, don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime!

Thanks to each of you for helping us reach this great milestone. We enjoyed hearing all of the stories from the past 90 years and look forward to the next 90!

If you’re interested in more stories of Labconco you can check out our history page on

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