Seeding Labs - Planting the Future

Seeding Labs, a Boston-based nonprofit, catalyzes scientific progress in the developing world by providing talented scientists with lab equipment, training and the opportunity to collaborate with experts in their field.  With all of these vital resources, these scientists are able to achieve great things.

After hearing a presentation by Seeding Labs at a Laboratory Products Association Conference in 2014, we were immediately struck and moved by their mission to provide access to tools and equipment that can further life changing research in developing countries. 

The mission of Seeding Labs is to offer access to high-quality scientific instruments, lab equipment and supplies donated by pharmaceutical, biotechnology and manufacturing companies to carefully screened laboratories and measure the impact of that sustainable re­use.

They have been a catalyst for science in 24 countries since 2003 by providing laboratory equipment and training programs to university and research institutions, thus enhancing the education of more than 17,000 scientists and students around the globe.

Here at Labconco, the goal of our company, and the foundation of our products, has always been to participate in scientific research through our sample preparation equipment, while also protecting the researcher and their laboratory environment.

As our fundamental mission statement says…“We enhance global scientific discovery by providing exceptional equipment and service.”  Key to that mission are the words global scientific discovery as we are committed to helping science grow throughout our world.

Seeding Labs’ support has helped scientists make important scientific gains that include developing a patent in neurobiology research and creating a diagnostic test for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Argentina. Other activities span research in malaria, HIV/AIDS and cancer, nutrition, disease prevention and genetic engineering to enhance drought tolerance in tropical crops.

Over the past couple of years, we are very proud and thrilled to be able to help Seeding Labs further their mission by donating equipment to be put into the hands of scientists who might not otherwise have access to it. 

Our equipment has been part of shipments to Chinhoyi University of Technology and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe. Scientists at Chinhoyi and the NUST are working on research involving: food security, bio-fuels, drinking water access and malaria control. Doing such beneficial work, it’s great to know that more shipments to more countries are coming up in 2016.

Learn more about Seeding Labs at They are a tremendous organization and by helping the few, they are helping the many.



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