Introducing the WaterPro BT Benchtop Water Purification System

Just in time for the holidays, Labconco has launched the new WaterPro BT, an all-in-one benchtop water purification system designed for laboratories that require up to 10 liters of RO and/or ultrapure (Type I) water per day.

The WaterPro BT has a small footprint, only 16.5" deep, 11.4" wide and 21.3" high. It’s light and can easily be moved from lab to lab when sharing is a must. The unit is simple to install with plug and play connections, and the user-friendly color LCD displays water quality, system status, and maintenance or alarm messages.

Ultrapure water

The WaterPro BT can deliver ultrapure water manually or volumetrically, while RO water is dispensed from an integral 6L tank through a manual valve. It’s ideal for instrumental trace element analysis and eliminates source water contamination. Other applications include mixing standardized acid/base solutions, media solutions and general laboratory use.

These systems are available with or without a remote dispensing module and stand; the remote dispense module allows the WaterPro BT to be placed up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) away from the water supply.

How it Works

Labconco’s WaterPro BT systems were designed to directly address the need for a small personalized ultrapure water system that requires only tap water as a supply source.

Tap water enters the Filter Pack and passes through the pretreatment media, which removes large particles to protect the RO membrane. Next, the water passes through the RO membrane, which removes inorganics, remaining organics and colloids. The purified water (Type III permeate), is temporarily stored in the tank.

After that, the Type III water passes through the activated carbon media, which removes dissolved organics and chlorine. The water then enters the deionization cartridge, which exchanges hydrogen ions for cationic contaminants and hydroxyl ions for anionic contaminants to produce Type I water.

The WaterPro BT makes itself at home on any benchtop or laboratory cart.

WaterPro BT with Remote:

WaterProfile Test Kit 
Based on your answers to our questions and a water sample, we will recommend a water purification system and process a personalized report for you.

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