Photo: Laurel Patterson wins Logic+ Biosafety Cabinet for Pennington Biomedical Research Center


In August we announced Laurel Patterson from Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana as the winner of a FREE Purifier® Logic®+ Biosafety Cabinet. Now, we have a picture to prove it!

Laurel (right in the photo) works in the Neurobiology of Nutrition Laboratory at Pennington, which is a member of the Louisiana State University System. At Pennington, researchers across multiple disciplines collaborate in their efforts to find triggers for diseases such as diabetes and dementia. Pennington has a strong nutritional focus; as its website states, the organization has been “at the forefront of linking the genetic and metabolic causes of chronic disease.”

The scientists at Pennington perform research that aims to make lives better. The new Logic+ fits right in, as its highly developed ergonomics package (known as Inclination Technology™) aims to make the experience of the laboratory worker better, too.

Labconco Sales Representative David Spence (left in the photo) said he was happy to deliver the Logic+ to Pennington.

“They are a very prestigious institution in my area,” he said. “Both of the ladies who were there to receive the Logic+ had been with Pennington for over 20 years and were grateful to receive the cabinet.”

Congratulations again, Laurel, and thank you to all who entered this giveaway. Check back often for information on Labconco contests and promotions.

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