Press Release: 48-Hour XPress Shipping Helps Compounding Pharmacies to Meet USP Compliance Deadline


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For release: June 20, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Labconco 48-Hour XPress Shipping Helps Compounding Pharmacies to Meet USP Compliance Deadline

Labconco Corporation announces its commitment to assisting compounding pharmacies in meeting the November 1st deadline for updated United States Pharmacopeia (USP) <797> and <800> guidelines. With many compounding pharmacies facing supply chain backlogs, construction delays and unforeseen challenges, Labconco understands the importance of ensuring patient and pharmacist safety through compliance with the new guidelines.

The upgraded requirements demand substantial enhancements to compounding facilities, procedures and equipment; particularly primary engineering controls (PECs). To support compounding pharmacies in their compliance efforts by the deadline, Labconco offers 48-Hour XPress shipping for USP compliant laminar airflow workstations (LAFWs), Class II biosafety cabinets (BSCs) and containment ventilated enclosures (CVEs). Labconco has also ramped up scalability and speedto- market efforts for custom enclosures with integrated IV workflow systems. These efforts aim to help compounding pharmacies meet the deadline while upholding the highest standards of safety and quality.

"Labconco has built an inventory of key pharmacy compounding enclosures for sterile and non-sterile compounding that will ship within 48 hours. We have also streamlined the process for other pharmacy-specific products that can be delivered in less time than many other providers,” stated Labconco’s Director of Biosafety Products David Wasescha. “We’re doing everything in our power to help pharmacies be compliant by the November 1st deadline."

Compounding pharmacies play a crucial role in providing millions of patients with medications tailored to their unique needs. These medications address a large volume of patients receiving medication in hospitals, oncology infusion centers, and many other areas of care, offering a lifeline to patients who might not be able to use commercially available formulations. For compounded sterile preparations, biosafety cabinets and laminar flow workstations are essential.

While supply chain challenges persist within the healthcare industry, Labconco has optimized its operations to expedite orders of vital equipment. Its dedicated pharmacy webpage offers a range of resources, including self-assessment gap analysis tools, educational materials and product specifications to assist pharmacies in determining the best equipment to suit their needs based on the new requirements.

The USP established guidelines such as USP <797> to outline the required procedures for compounding sterile drug operations and USP <800> for hazardous drug handling. These guidelines are critical to the protection of patients receiving compounded medications, while helping to improve the safety for technicians, pharmacists and other healthcare workers involved with preparation and administration of these medicines. The standards apply to all pharmacies engaged in producing compounded sterile preparations (CSPs), including those within hospitals, outpatient/independent settings, oncology centers, and some ambulator and long-term care facilities.

Labconco remains committed to supporting compounding pharmacies in their pursuit of compliance with the updated USP guidelines. By offering 48-Hour XPress shipping for USP compliant primary engineering controls and streamlining its operations, Labconco aims to ensure the availability of essential equipment while prioritizing patient and pharmacist safety.

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