Why Glassware Washer Versatility is Key 


FlaskScrubber & SteamScrubber Glassware Washers

This video demonstrates the features that make Labconco glassware washers the most versatile and accountable lab washers available. They can handle over 5000 different glassware configurations, and they're powered by CleanWorks™ OS. 


Loading Labconco FlaskScrubber
CleanWorks OS on Labconco Glassware Washers
Spindles Spraying in Labconco FlaskScrubber

Choosing the Right Glassware Washer

By asking yourself these six questions, a picture of the glassware washer that best suits your laboratory should emerge. It starts with versatility to adapt to ever-changing procedures and protocols.  

A New Way to Wash: CleanWorks OS

CleanWorks OS is a powerful tool that increases versatility and control over your glassware washer. With various washing aspects placed at your fingertips, meeting and repeating procedures with consistent cleanability has never been easier.  

Top 5 glassware washing accessories for a successful laboratory

Though many accessories are tailored to specific labware, some accessories seem to be ubiquitous throughout the laboratory setting. Here are my all-time top five laboratory glassware washer accessories.   

6 Reasons not to Use a Residential Dishwasher to Clean Laboratory Labware

Ever wonder what makes a laboratory washer different from a residential washer? Here are six reasons why a home dishwasher is not sufficient for a science lab.   

Water purity and lab glassware washers: Just how "pure" does it have to be?

The purity of rinse water supplied to a laboratory glassware washer to produce clean glassware has been the subject of debate. Here are the factors at play.