5 truly lovable Glassware Washer Accessories

Glassware Washer Accessories

Everyone has their “personal fave’s.” After working in multiple labs, using many applications and processes, I have developed a love for the little things that make lab life genuinely easier. Here are my all-time top five laboratory glassware washer accessories… which I find to be positively lovable to this very day.

1. Utensil Basket

In the lab, there is always some odd-shaped utensil, cap, or tool that just doesn’t fit into a standardized washer insert. This is where the utensil basket comes in. It is designed for miscellaneous labware such as stoppers, spatulas, spoons, caps, lids, and other lightweight items. The lid is included, to hold everything in place. And it’s constructed of the same type of stainless steel as the washer racks.

This is a durable and invaluable insert for your washer.

2. Test Tube Spindle Rack

One of the newer accessories available for glassware washers, the Test Tube Spindle Rack is quite a nice tool. This accessory for your test tubes allows for direct injection of water and soap during wash and rinse cycle. And, if you have a FlaskScrubber, it also provides air injection drying. It can accommodate up to 150 tubes at time.

3. 48-Pin Insert

Have multiple beakers of variable volume? The 48-pin insert can accommodate small and large beakers and everything in between. Each pin is fitted with a plastic tip to protect glassware from scratching.

4. Additional Racks

Want to expand your washing capacity?  If you have a SteamScrubber, add an Upper or Lower Spindle Rack. Although the SteamScrubber lacks the forced air drying capability of a FlaskScrubber, with this rack you can wash narrow-necked glassware.

If you have a FlaskScrubber or FlaskScrubber Vantage, you can use these to add an upper rack to almost double your washing capabilities. FlaskScrubbers come with the Lower Spindle Rack, which is complete with 36 injector spindles. Adding an Upper Spindle Rack provides 30 more of those spindles.

If you need both the capabilities of a FlaskScrubber and a SteamScrubber, I recommend adding an Upper Standard Rack to the FlaskScrubber; then you can accessorize the upper rack to fit all your wide-mouthed glassware. Even the Lower Spindle Rack can be customized. The spindles are removable, and a threaded plug can be used to plug the holes. Then you have a rack that can be either a spindle or a standard rack, or a combination of both!

And the best part about interchangeable racking systems is that you can purchase extra racks that can sit next to the sink collecting dirty glassware while the washer is running with another set in. Easy change out means the racks can lift right out and be replaced with the already loaded racks of dirty glassware. That way the washer can be started right away with little down time.

5. Liquid Detergent Dispenser Kit

This hands-free detergent delivery system is great for the lab that has a high turnover for glassware. This kit automatically injects liquid detergent so there is no loading of detergent on your part.

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