Top 5 glassware washing accessories for a successful laboratory

How to load a laboratory glassware washer

Different people have different preferences when it comes to glassware washer accessories. Though many accessories are tailored to specific labware, some accessories seem to be ubiquitous throughout the laboratory setting. After working in multiple labs, using many applications and processes, I’ve developed a love for the little things that make life in the laboratory much easier. Here are my all-time top five laboratory glassware washer accessories.

1.     48-Pin Insert

Are you using multiple beakers of variable volume? The 48-pin insert can accommodate small and large beakers and everything in between. Each pin is fitted with a silicone tip to protect glassware from scratching.

2.     Utensil Basket

Not surprisingly, there are always some odd-shaped utensils, caps, or other miscellaneous tools that just don’t seem to fit in a standardized glassware washer insert. This is where the utensil basket comes in. It is designed for miscellaneous labware such as stoppers, spatulas, spoons, caps, lids, and other light weight items. Accompanied with lid, to keep everything in place, this 304 stainless steel accessory is a must-have.

3.     Additional Standard and Spindle Racks

Do you want to expand your washing capacity? If you have a SteamScrubber, add either an upper or lower spindle rack. Although the SteamScrubber lacks the forced air-drying capability of a FlaskScrubber, by adding this rack you can wash narrow-neck labware in it.

If you have a FlaskScrubber (or FlaskScrubber Vantage) washer, you can use these to add an upper rack to almost double your washing capacity. FlaskScrubbers come standard with the lower spindle rack, which is complete with 36 injector spindles.

Adding an upper standard rack to the FlaskScrubber or Vantage allows you to use the advantages of both the SteamScrubber and FlaskScrubber. Having an upper standard rack allows standard rack accessories, like pin inserts and bulk tube inserts.

4.     Liquid Detergent and Acid Rinse Dispenser Kit

This hands-free delivery system of liquid detergent and acid neutralizing rinse is great for the lab that has a large volume of labware to cleaned. This kit automatically injects liquid detergent and acid neutralizing rinse, so there is no loading of detergent on your part.

5.     Culture Tube Insert

Coming in three different sizes, this insert allows for a thorough cleaning of soiled glass culture tubes. The 304 stainless steel retainer top safely secures tube to prevent them from falling out of the insert.


Bonus Accessories for Specific Applications

6.     6 or 24 Place Pipette Insert

This new accessory is the spiritual successor to the ScrubAir Pipette Washer. With the ability to directly attach to a lower spindle rack, you now can wash up 24 volumetric pipettes. The gasketed base provides a tight seal for direct water injection and air drying.

7.     Graduated Cylinder Support Insert

Have a wide range of graduated cylinders to wash? Our graduated cylinder support allows for up to three graduated cylinders to be angled at 45° to allow our powerful spray nozzle to thoroughly clean dirty cylinders. These spray nozzles also directly inject hot forced air to completely dry your measuring devices.


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